System Inputs (generated from genenetwork2 package defined in genenetwork.scm)

Name Description
genenetwork3 v0.0.1-guix-9e0fa5f GeneNetwork3 API for data science and machine learning.
parallel v20210722 Build and execute command lines in parallel
coreutils v8.32 Core GNU utilities (file, text, shell)
git v2.33.0 Distributed version control system
which v2.21 Find full path of shell commands
grep v3.4 Print lines matching a pattern
r v4.1.1 Environment for statistical computing and graphics
r-ctl v1.0.0-4 R package for analysis of genetical genomic data to identify genetic loci associated with correlation changes in quantitative traits (CTL)
r-qtl v1.48-1 R package for analyzing QTL experiments in genetics
r-wgcna v1.70-3 Weighted correlation network analysis
redis v6.2.4 Key-value cache and store
mariadb v10.5.8 SQL database server
gemma-gn2 v0.98.5-71553f5 Tool for genome-wide efficient mixed model association
gemma-wrapper v0.99.1 Gemma wrapper for LOCO and caching
plink-ng-gn v1.90b3-5d1db4313ba0cc976562da233db4aced78975d10 Whole genome association analysis toolset
rust-qtlreaper v0.1.4 Reimplementation of genenetwork/QTLReaper in Rust
glibc-utf8-locales v2.31 Small sample of UTF-8 locales
nginx v1.21.0 HTTP and reverse proxy server
python-wrapper v3.8.2 Wrapper for the Python 3 commands
python-deprecated v1.2.5 Python decorator to deprecate classes, functions or methods
python-pillow v8.1.1 Fork of the Python Imaging Library
python-coverage v5.2.1 Code coverage measurement for Python
python-configparser v4.0.2 Backport of configparser from python 3.5
python-flask v1.1.2 Microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
gunicorn v20.1.0 Python WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX
python-autopep8 v1.5.3 Format Python code according to the PEP 8 style guide
python-cssselect v1.1.0 CSS3 selector parser and translator to XPath 1.0
python-flask-debugtoolbar v0.11.0 A toolbar overlay for debugging Flask applications.
python-elasticsearch v7.13.4 Low-level client for Elasticsearch
python-htmlgen v2.0.0 Python HTML 5 Generator
python-jinja2 v2.11.2 Python template engine
python-sqlalchemy v1.3.20 Database abstraction library
python-flask-sqlalchemy v2.4.4 Module adding SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
python-setuptools v52.0.0 Library designed to facilitate packaging Python projects
python-scipy v1.6.0 The Scipy library provides efficient numerical routines
python-lxml v4.4.2 Python XML processing library
python-mechanize v0.4.5 Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python
python-mysqlclient v2.0.1 MySQLdb is an interface to the popular MySQL database server for Python
python-mypy v0.790 Static type checker for Python
python-numpy v1.17.3 Fundamental package for scientific computing with Python
python-pandas v1.3.0 Data structures for data analysis, time series, and statistics
python-parameterized v0.7.4 Parameterized testing with any Python test framework
python-passlib v1.7.4 Comprehensive password hashing framework
python-pylint v2.5.3 Python source code analyzer which looks for coding standard
python-redis v3.5.3 Redis Python client
python-requests v2.25.0 Python HTTP library
python-simplejson v3.17.0 Json library for Python
python-pyyaml v5.4.1 YAML parser and emitter for Python
python-markdown v3.3.4 Python implementation of Markdown
python-rdflib v4.2.2 Python RDF library
python-twint v2.1.20 An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool.
python-unittest2 v1.1.0 Python unit testing library
python-rpy2-next v3.4.5 Python interface to the R language
python-beautifulsoup4 v4.9.3 Python screen-scraping library
python-xlsxwriter v1.3.9 Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
javascript-twitter-post-fetcher v18.0.2-1.8f9e667 Twitter post fetching
javascript-cytoscape v3.8.1 Graph theory (network) library for visualisation and analysis
javascript-cytoscape-panzoom v2.5.3 Panzoom extension for Cytoscape.js
javascript-cytoscape-qtip v2.7.1 Cytoscape.js extension that wraps the QTip jQuery library
javascript-chroma v1.1.1 Javascript library for color conversions
javascript-d3-tip v0.9.1 Tooltips for d3.js visualizations
javascript-jscolor v2.0.5 Javascript web color picker
javascript-colorbox v1.4.36 Lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery
javascript-jszip v3.2.2 JSZip is a javascript library for creating, reading and editing .zip files, with a lovely and simple API.
js-jstat v1.9.1 Javascript statistical library
js-md5 v2.10.0 JavaScript MD5 implementation
js-parsley v2.9.1 Javascript validation library
javascript-plotly v1.53.0 Javascript charting library
javascript-typeahead v0.11.1 Javascript library for building typeaheads
js-underscore v1.12.0 Utility-belt library for JavaScript
js-smart-time-ago v0.1.5-1.055c385 jQuery library to update the relative timestamps
javascript-nouislider v8.0.2 Javascript range slider
javascript-purescript-genome-browser v0.0.0 Dist files for the purescript genetics browser
javascript-ckeditor v4.13.0 Smart WYSIWYG HTML editor
javascript-datatables v1.10.19 Tables plug-in for jQuery
javascript-datatables-scroller v2.0.3 This package contains distribution files for the Scroller extension for DataTables. Only the core software for this library is contained in this package - to be correctly styled, a styling package for Scroller must also be included.
javascript-datatables-buttons v1.6.2 This package contains distribution files for the Buttons extension for DataTables.
javascript-datatables-buttons-bootstrap v1.6.2 This package contains distribution files required to style Buttons extension for DataTables with styling for Bootstrap.
javascript-datatables-plugins v1.10.20 This package contains a collection of plug-ins for the jQuery DataTables table enhancer
javascript-datatables-col-reorder v1.5.2 This package contains distribution files for the ColReorder extension for DataTables.
javascript-datatables-col-resize v0.0.10 A DataTables plugin for dynamic resizing of columns
javascript-datatables-buttons-styles v1.6.1 This package contains distribution files required to style Buttons extension for DataTables.
javascript-shapiro-wilk v1.0.0 Shapiro-Wilk Test in JavaScript (ported from R)
javascript-underscore-string v2.4.0 String manipulation helpers for javascript
javascript-qtip2 v3.0.3 Pretty powerful tooltips
javascript-d3js v3.5.17 JavaScript library for visualizing data
javascript-nvd3 v1.8.5 A reusable charting library written in d3.js
javascript-bootstrap v3.3.0 Bootstrap web framework
javascript-jquery v1.10.2 JQuery web framework
javascript-zxcvbn v4.4.2 Low-Budget Password Strength Estimation
javascript-jquery-ui v1.9.1 jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.
javascript-jquery-cookie v1.3.1 A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for reading, writing and deleting cookies.
javascript-font-awesome v5.15.2 Font that contains a rich iconset