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Data Set Group: UTHSC Elicited Peritoneal Neutrophils Affy MoGene 2.0 ST (Oct14) RMA modify this page

Data Set: UTHSC Elicited Peritoneal Neutrophils Affy MoGene 2.0 ST (Oct14) RMA Exon Level ** modify this page
GN Accession: GN596
GEO Series:
Organism: Mouse (mm10)
Group: BXD
Tissue: Neutrophils mRNA
Dataset Status: Private
Platforms: Affy Mouse Gene 2.0 ST Array
Normalization: RMA
Contact Information
Marko Radic
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
201E Molecular Science Building
Memphis, TN 38163 United States
Tel. 901 448-8219
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Specifics of this Data Set:


The data set represents gene expression data from peritoneal neutrophils. Cells were collected four hours after injection of sterile thioglycollate. Purity was assessed by cytospin and nuclear morphology. Usually 4 to 6 animals were used  to generate sufficient material for RNA expression analysis.

About the cases used to generate this set of data:

About the tissue used to generate this set of data:

About the array platform:

About data values and data processing:


Experiment Type:

Normal young adults of either sex between 40 and 100 days of age.



Data source acknowledgment:

Study Id:

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